School Governors 

Governors make decisions about how the school is run in consultation with the headteacher. They have legal duties, powers and responsibilities which include appointing staff and deciding how the school budget is spent.

The governing body is made up of parents, staff, a representative of the Local Authority and other individuals living locally who are co-opted to provide a comprehensive range of skills and experience across the governing body. Governors are elected or appointed for four years and serve on one or more committees to carry out their various duties.  

The governing body meets at least once each term to discuss the School Development Plan, agree policies, set or monitor the budget and generally ensure that the school is run in an efficient manner.  Committees for Finance and Personnel, Premises and Curriculum meet regularly and report back to the main governing body as do Governors who regularly visit the school to focus on a particular subject and participate in the school's self-evaluation procedures. 


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Governor Attendance Record to July 2019

Governor Attendance Record from September 2019

Governor Pecuniary Interests

Minutes of Governing Body Meetings

Meeting Notes 27 09 17

Meeting Notes 5 10 17

Meeting Notes 16 11 17

Minutes 21 03 18

Minutes 08 03 18

Minutes 10 05 18

Minutes 05 07 18

Minutes 06 09 18

Minutes 18 10 18

Governing Documents

Governors' Impact - Assessment

Governors' Impact  - British Values

Governors' Impact - Monitoring Curriculum

Governors' Impact  -  New Curriculum

Governors' Impact  - Sports & Pupil Premium

Governors' Impact  - Safeguarding 

Governors' Impact - Financial Management

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