Parent Consultation on New Relationship and Sex Education Policy

From September 2020 all primary schools will be required to meet the new statutory guidance for Relationships Education and Health Education. The Rissington School is a registered “early adopter” of this guidance, meaning we are working alongside the Department for Education to begin implementing this guidance this academic year and support the development of their guidance and training materials.

We have therefore updated our Relationships and Sex Education Policy, which has been agreed in principle by Governors,  and are now inviting all parents to read it and send any feedback and questions to us before we adopt the new guidance at Easter.   

All parents should have received a letter from Miss Brearley, our PSHE lead.  Click here to read the letter again. 

Click here to read the updated Relationships and Sex Education Policy. 

Please send any feedback and questions to us using the email address below – with all responses being received by Friday 13th March 2020.

Following this, we will be holding a PSHE information evening on Tuesday 24th March, 7.00pm, Upper Rissington.  

At this event we will look at what the wider PSHE curriculum looks like at The Rissington School and how we enrich this through the work Mrs Barnes does in school. As part of this evening, we will respond to any comment or questions which were brought up as part of the consultation on our new policy.  

Email address for comments or questions: [email protected] (please only use this email to send any comments so that we can ensure that no persons views are missed).