Our split-site school

The Rissington School operates over two school sites, which are 2 miles apart. The head teacher, supported by the assistant head teacher, manages the day to day organisation of both sites, which function as one school.

Each site has mixed age classes, our aim being that children are able to spend two years in each class. This enables their needs to be thoroughly understood by the class teacher and ensures smooth transition from one year group to the next. Both school sites have a Year 1 and 2 class, a Year 3 and 4 class and a Year 5 and 6 class. The Upper Rissington site has 2 purpose-built early-years' classrooms, so all reception children attend that site before being allocated to either the Upper or Great Rissington site to start Year 1. The Upper Rissington site also has a pre-school provision, "Little Rascal".

The children on both sites follow the same curriculum and teachers across the sites meet to plan activities and to scrutinise the attainment and progress of pupils in the same year groups, so that equality of provision is ensured. The children are citizens of The Rissington School, no matter which site they attend. Whole-school days are planned throughout the year, so that friendships can be formed across both sites and children regularly attend activities on both sites, for example weekly PE and games lessons are held at Upper Rissington and forest schools takes place in the Great Rissington village. Our mini-bus is put to good use, transporting children between sites.